Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tour Mine!

Finally it has warmed up to produce a little fruit. This is a Costata Romanesca Zucchini with a nutty flavor surpassing all others, in MY opinion. I like to slice it lengthwise, paint a hint of olive oil on the slices, sprinkle Kosher salt on top of that and broil them until crispy. A scattering of parmasean cheese helps too. Yum!
Some Cosmos has begun blooming in the nursery bed where I start perenniels like Hollyhocks and Coreopsis. Don't your just love to capture a picture of a pollinator at work?

These Gailardia, below, have 'volunteered'. I cannot recall planting any such thing in the nursery bed. I LOVE the color...maybe the 'Arizona Sun' variety of Blanket Flower (its common name).

Out of the nursery bed came this favorite Hollyhock, of which I'm truly fond. It probably has a 'right' name, but I merely collect seeds from ones I love at other people's gardens. Putting them in small zip-lock baggies with lables like 'Double, bold pink, HH from Janet' is how I get them started.

It is Lily season here; one apple tree and one Honeysuckle tree are surrounded by a large circle of these Lilies.
There are more...Calendulas, Coreopsis, and others. You'll just have to come by for a visit in order to feast your eyes on what's blooming. See you soon!


Connie said...

You made my mouth water describing how you fix that zucchini. Is it an heirloom variety? Ours was started late in Steve's garden, so no blossoms yet, and then a few days ago a deer came and grazed the top off it. :-(
All your blossoms are very lovely! I must plan a trip up there, maybe in August.

Cat said...

It is listed as OP; is 'open pollinated' the same as heirloom?

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. You take such lovely pictures. You have a real gift!