Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kids, kids, kids!

I am staying with my MamaPajama in Bellingham for 3 weeks while my sister Barb is on vacation with her family. Kelly, back from Afghanistan, brought his family up for a visit. He came with Melissa and two of his kids, Marcus and Brianna. Also accompanying them was 2-year old Cameron, Mister Busy. We had a blast playing, eating, chatting, and picturing-taking.

Mom's heart was filled with joy by the visit with little Cameron,

so much like Kelly when he was two!

Melissa is a kid at heart, and she LOVED playing legos with Marcus!

Marcus celebrated his 5th birthday while he was here, and I let him help me build his cake.
He was more into decorating it with hundreds of 'sprinkles' and some candy corn.

Mama taught Brianna to knit for her b'day present. She celebrated her birthday, her 11th!

Marcus made a catapult with his new lego set.

Cameron was mostly into fruit (bananas and grapes0 during their visit.

I love his big eyes and long lashes, so much like his Moma, Mandi, my oldest granddaughter.

I think this is a magical picture that Kelly took of us as we watched something on TV as we all lined up on the couch together.

My sister Margy has blessed us with a visit since Kelly left, and now we are on our own, just the two of us sewing, knitting, visiting, cherishing our time together which we both know is short.