Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

He's a Beauty; don't you think?
Dante Christopher Giordano, my grandson.
Kimber did so well on bedrest for all those weeks of never knowing whether he could stay in long enough to develop fully. He came 4 weeks early, and he's perfect. Her milk had not come in, and skin-to-skin time is vital in stimulating it. Here they are, skin-to-skin.

He is bright eyed and alert and weighing only 5 pounds here.

He rests beside a doll dressed in 'newborn' size clothes and wearing the booties for
which his Great-grandma Boothby (my mom) is famous.

His Daddy was able to stay for his birth due to the Red Cross's efforts to delay his going back to Iraq for some days. Chris's own dad had tripple by-pass heart surgery the same day Dante was born, an eventful R and R from the war!

I was gone for nearly 2 months caring for Isabella and Kimber before Chris came home and before the baby came, then afterwards until Kimber could drive and take care of much around the house. She has learned to order groceries online and have them delivered; she has learned to depend on busy family members and Isabella.
I praise God for all He has done in this situation!
Not only was His mission accomplished, but mine in "being available" which was the Word He gave me back in April!