Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seed Time/Harvest Time

No one offered up any cheese with my whine about the lack of produce in my garden, so I've sucked it up and waited for something to happen. Shockingly, the tomatoes have produced 30 pounds of fruit already. The Zinnias that failed to show earlier are blossoming beautifully. The Buckwheat that volunteers has flowered and begun to turn seedy. I'm grateful for this turn of events!

I no longer can tomatoes because the frozen ones taste more like fresh when they are thawed.

I just 'chunk' them up for use in sauce and salsa later.

Yesterday morning in the cool 44 degree and breezy weather I pruned the tomatoes so that no more flowers are left, just the vines with tomatoes so that their energy can go to ripening.

And, last of all, these plums are amazing!

It is time to get stared on seeding some flats of lettuce to grow in the sunroom for winter.

Seed time/harvest this my favorite time????? Hm, let me get back to you on that.