Friday, July 3, 2009

NOT! a Garden Tour

The disappointment of our disappearing harvest potential in the garden has displaced any joy in it right now. SO! The focus here today features,
" What's up, Doc?", in the yard:
Above, the tiny cherry trees are producing a great harvest for the birds who didn't even leave off singing or eating while I hovered underneath to take this picture. The robin and quail juveniles are having a field day in the tree as well as on the ground.

Below the cherries, this Feverfew blooms in profusion. Aren't those sweet little pincushion flowers?

This Coreopsis is the only yellow bloomer at the moment. And, below, the Lobelia blooms continuiously from seed out of heaven, I guess. It began in the sunroom under the Laura Bush petunia that blooms all winter. I've never planted Lobelia, so it is truly a gift.

Somehow I've lost a picture of unknown purple flowers growing under one of the apple trees. Another disappointment in my lack of understanding how this all works. I tried to highlight some words, but deleted a picture instead.
I'm working on contentment in the beauty surrounding me rather than the lack thereof in the garden. Do you have these issues ever?


Connie said...

Seeing your Feverfew (Virgo) made me realize that I don't have any this year...I miss them. They came back the first year but not this year, which isn't too surprising. This was a rough year for plants. My Simplicity roses died back to the ground and I lost my lovely Japanese maple tree. :-(
Lovely lobelia! I love surprises in the garden.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You are doing well despite your disappointment. I love you more than some silly old flowers!