Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Wedding

I have to say that I was sweetly surprised at the wedding of my granddaughter on Sunday.

She and her beloved have lived together and have a delightful child already; they did a tremendous job of planning and accomplishing a time together that drew family and friends from diverse lifestyles. You can see in the picture below on the far right Jason's twin brother and on the far left Mandi's stepmom, Melissa taking pictures as they hear from the pastor who married them. The Kiss...and Melissa's lovely hair in the bottom left corner.

The happy couple: Mandi and Jason True
Kelly and Melissa's 'middle child' was the flower girl/bride's maid.

Isn't she a darling?!

Isabella and Marcus taking a break from dancing the night away together.

Father/daughter dance: Kelly got out of his dress uniform as soon as he could,

and then he and Mandi had the first dance, so sweet.

Arlie and I flanking Kelly and Mandi as pictures were being taken.
Marcus wanted to be near his Daddy, and Arlie is accompanied by his dog Baby.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Apron Camp...and more...

Yesterday my son-in-law Chris set up a sewing center in the garage for me. While Isabella was in school I made the apron for Kimber. It was a good day for her, out of bed, up and around, and cooking! Then Isabella and I made her own so they could cook together (meatloaf, baked potatoes, and green beans).
I have the pleasure of taking Isabella to Karate twice this week, and she is awesome!

Grammy gets a dose of Grand Babies: Isabella, Dante, and Great Grandbaby Cameron.

My oldest Grandbaby, Mandi, is Cameron's mama.

Cameron and Grammy

That's all folks!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Greenhouse Gardening in Miniature

Again this year June has been renamed: Junuary we call it.

The temperature yesterday got UP to 43 with pouring rains off and on. The fog moves in sometimes in the early morning, and below was the scene greeting me from my studio as I drank my coffee and contemplated life and how it is unfolding this month. I'm leaving next Tuesday for nearly the rest of the month and have been concerned about putting out all my starts. The cover blew off the tomatoes twice, so I've set up these Walls 'O Water around each tomato, squash, cucumber and eggplant to keep the frigid temperates at bay for them while I'm gone. They act as miniature greenhouses for plants struggling to maintain their composure in cold, wet climates.
You can see how cozy these Boothby's Blonde Cucumbers are inside the 'Walls'.
I put a small tomato cage inside to keep the 'Walls' from collapsing onto the plants if they should be so inclinde in my absence.

Putting crushed eggshells in the hole before planting tomatoes provides a little extra calcium. And then I sprinkle more eggshells on top of the earth around each plant to prevent slugs from wandering around and nibbling/gobbling up such tender morsels.

Garlic is loving the cool, wet weather!

And the potatoes (Yukon Gold) are emerging and thriving!

Not much else is in or coming up except some volunteer cilantro, some lettuce and herbs.

I pray it will all be thriving when I return home on June 27th and that 'uary' part of June will have absconded with the rain and cold to parts unknown!