Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recycled Thrift Store Finds!!!!!

I make a B-Line to the 'linens' department at my tiny thrift store usually once a week. Last week a Battenburg Lace tablecloth (a BIG rectangular one) appeared, so I brought it home, cut the square corners off, and mounted one of the corners on a rosie watercolor fabric. I cut the lace away from the top corner so it is shaped like a heart.

And, voila!

The pieces I cut away I mounted on two little girl aprons.

And then...
I picked up a small kitchen curtain, cut the corners off, and mounted them on some green and purple leafy fabric for the next two aprons.

The Battenburg Lace Lady's Apron is already sold, so I'll make three more today and tomorrow.

The pleasure of creating and sewing beautiful aprons that others want gives me such satisfaction!!!