Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Garden Tour Part 4

This is the Goliath tomato that Connie "gifted" me today! I'd say the tomato is sure Goliath in nature but the plant itself is definite David...if you get my drift. My own tomatoes look better, but there is not even a blossom on most of them. I take this plant with gratefulness and much hope for it future! Connie also insisted that I take a Cherry tomato (Super Sweet 100). I suppose it will be fun for the grand kids to pick being as it is so close to the house...not even in the 'real' garden. I'm mostly into putting up tomatoes, so this is a new experience. I know! I'm behind the times.

Before the garden tour I'd worked on another apron because of the rainy weather and the need to be creative. This one is for you, Stacie! I mailed it today. It is called the Church Ladies' Apron and is reversible.

Then, before the garden tour and apron, I'd gone to my daughter's in order to accompany her to the ultrasound which told us we are getting a boy! Isabella was in my charge for two days while her mother worked. Bella is four now and loves to share her puppy, Piper, with the neighbor's grandchildren. Isabella hollers, "Friend!" over and over until this girl comes out to play. It's cute.

We played doctor, where I mostly get my belly button filled with lip gloss as a measure of my temperature, and beauty shop where we stick all kinds of hair accessories in each other' hair.

I'll be seeing more of Isabella and Kimber because Chris has just deployed to Iraq. We all covet your prayers for him to be drawn close to God at this time.


Steve B said...

Cat, I enjoyed the posts and mostly that stately tomato you were given....what fun to spend a day with the girls and see all the pretty plants and flowers! I think that granddaughter of yours looks like she enjoys life, some more fun!
I now have a garden spot named after me, how privileged I am. Maybe I'll start my own blog.......?

Connie said...

I guess this is my day to be humbled....having you see my unkempt garden and now THIS... publishing a photo of my poor neglected tomato plant? (It's worse than a Charlie Brown Christmas tree,ha.)
Nice apron and I love the name of it. Your granddaughter is a cutie and creative,too....and you are a good sport to let her gloss up your belly button. :-)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

This is soo funny! I almost went out and bought an apron because my other ones are so scuzzy! Thanks, sooooo much, Catherine. I can't wait to try it on!

I missed this post somehow! Glad you had fun with Kimber and Bella!