Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to Us!

My son Kelly and I celebrate our birthdays together...usually.

This year, before I take off for a mission trip to the Philippines, Kelly and I are celebrating together at the Oregon Coast. He is the master of final this one. He picked me up at PDX in this red convertible! I'm wearing the pashmina he picked out for me when serving in the military in Afghanistan last year.

He will be 42 on February 28, and I'll be 66 on February 27. He took me to my daugher's home for a quick visit and where my sister Margy met us, presenting me with this apron gift. I twirled and felt SO feminine! It is a darling apron!


I got to have lunch with Dante, my grandson, Kimber and her hubby Chris.

Then we sped off to the coast.

The weather has cooperated beautifully with mild temperatures and sunny days.

We walked about four miles yesterday morning picking up shells, and inspecting dead Puffins before having lunch at The Crab Shack.
The sunset last evening was simply Divine!

The tide pools this morning were full of anemones like the green one below.

And Kelly found a Starfish before our lunch today...back at the Crab Shack where we had scallops, shrimp, and halibut.

We'll go for Clam Chowder tonight.

The weather has turned and is rainy and windy, so we are tucked up inside now as he works with his IPod and I write this. We are very happy, thank you very much!

Be End