Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ground Sunshine and a Blizzard

I am featuring a bit of the sun at ground level. Blizzard conditions expoded upon us Tuesday, dropping our spirits right along with snow that blew sideways and stuck for several hours. However this leopard's-bane, blooming near a south window lifted us all! The brilliance took my breath away.
Here it is underneath the Forsythia.

The day before the blizzard struck, I'd placed my started plants on the porch in order to begin the 'hardening off' process. This Boothby's Blonde cucumber is already beginning to set blossoms (and has been moved inside again).

Here's a bit of sunshine surrounding my Bleeding Heart.

The 'piece de resistance' was this heart-stopping bouquet on May Day from my dear friend Rachel. She continues that old tradition of leaving a bouquet after ringing the doorbell and racing away. She has different routines and a variety of bouquets for many of us. Who could embrace low spirits after a gift like this? Thank you, Rachel!

TheThe rain pours and the wind blows as this is written. I take heart; my spirits flag not, for tomorrow is another day ( a warm and sunny one perhaps)!