Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tomatoes, Baked; Not Stuffed!

I started all my tomatoes from wonderful seeds, had the best starts to put out EVER in my history as a gardener (35 years). They went out under the tomato pavillion I've written about in previous blogs. We had very warm weather for several days during which I FORGOT to open the ends for ventalation. I was too busy with the finishing days of homeschooling. The poor, pitiful plants got seriously baked. My precious son, when I showed him, is the one who humorously told me they should be stuffed before baking; bless his pointed head! Below, you see the effects of the baking.

Three of my starts wouldn't fit in the pavillions, so they got placed in 'walls o' water' containers. Mercy! I have three pretty good looking plants, but even they are stunted by the cool, wet weather.
My real beauties, the squashes, which I blogged before quite proudly for their progress and flowering aren't in great shape either, as you can see that the cool, wet weather has done them wrong too.

Fortunately it IS pea and lettuce weather. You can see the weedy pathway. Due to excess water run-off from the beds it is too wet for me to get out there to pull them. They are mostly wheat, and easily pulled up at any time, but it is my worst looking garden in the history of my time as a gardener. Connie has asked for this blog. Now you know why I've been reluctant to create it.

One good-looking squash below is from seed Connie gave me from her dad. It is fairly wimpy looking too, in my estimation.

There you have it Connie. Save yourself a trip up here. There is nothing much to observe, unless you are into nasty gardens!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

oh how disappointing! I'm so sorry!

Aminta said...

Oh how frusterating! ahh well, next year just might surprise you even more. :)
You never know.... maybe they will perk up!
You know, your garden looks so pretty. I never got mine in. I always wait until early June and create a 'hot-house' effect. But that is right when we got all of that nasty weather. And now I think I may have missed it completely. I guess seeds do last a long while.
I am so excited for this next planting season. I purchased all organic heirloom seeds. So when I harvest I need to leave some for seedlings! I have not done this before, so I am very excited. :)
Thank you for your comments!
Hey that Great Grandson is pretty darn cute! But I am sorry, but I think you do not even slightly as a pass as a GREAT GRANDMA!
Love you Cat!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Sorry aboutyour little disappointments :( As a gardener, I know how we have to plant again and make the best of the good earth again! Happy gardening!

Connie said...

I'm sooo sorry about your tomatoes. How disappointing that can be! I know because I did it one year to my pepper plants, but fortunately I had time to start some more.
I wish I had read this post sooner, because I finally threw a bunch of languishing tomato plants in 4 inch pots into the compost pile last week. I did save out a couple of Goliaths (one had your name on it) and a couple of cherry tomatoes. You are welcome to have them if you want....they don't look so good now, but they will perk up when planted and fed. Most have tomatoes growing on them, in spite of running out of nutrients long ago.
Thanks for the garden update, in spite of the disappointments.