Sunday, January 25, 2009

Spring Has Sprung...I Think!

I kid you not! This robin, along with 3 others, blessed my yard two days ago. Aren't they a sure sign of spring? The two pairs were chatting loudly, singing love songs to each other. I'm so excited because we have old nests in the rafters above my studio/classroom which we can observe easily; perhaps they'll take up residence.

If you click on this fellow above you can see him 'up close and personal', like they used to say in the olympics.

Here are a couple of sparrows who were chatting noisily too. The Flicker came back to roust out the robins in his territory.

And, my favorite, the quails. They are so dear to me because of their ridiculous gait and behaviors that have endeared them to me.

I will also tell you that I was awakened last night about 9:30 pm to the loud squawking of the geese flying north overhead. Maybe because it was dark and snowing they needed to encourage one another. We DO have about 4 inches of new snow this day.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

We saw robins today, too!

Rachel said...

Even if it isn't quite spring yet, this sure does give a body reason to hope!! Hooray!

Connie said...

We have seen robins here, too. One sits on a tree and chirps whenever we walk by. I think he may regret showing up so soon, what with the snow and cold weather we are having again. I love the frosty photo...lovely!