Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seeds Have Arrived!!

These are the seed packets that arrived just yesterday; this is the most exciting part of the year...the planning part! Well, I might change my mind on the most exciting part of gardening when tiny plants emerge, or when the first blossoms burst forth, or when the first tomato is picked, or...you KNOW where I'm going!
I've ordered some new seeds I've never grown before, i.e. Peace Watermelon and Halona Muskmelon. My growning season is SO short that usually these kind of plants never reach maturity. It may be a stretch, but I'm going to try this year. The Peace Watermelon takes only 75 days, so I may be successful. The other seeds I ordinarily grow are snow peas, snap peas, tomtoes, zucchinis, beets and herbs along with greens of all kinds.
One another note, this geranium appears exceedingly happy in the sunroom, doesn't she? I love sitting in the rocking chair to read and absorb the warmth of the sun as I am surrounded by the vivid color of these dear plants.


Connie said...

Yippee! How exciting. I placed my first seed order last week, so it won't be long before I receive mine, too.
Your geranium is beautiful and does appear to be quite Happy. I can see the corner of your garden bed through the window, covered in leaves...just waiting. :-)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I know how exciting this is for you. Happy planning!

Connie said...

I had to tell you...I clicked to enlarge the photo of your seeds, so I could see what you ordered. Boothby's Blonde cucumber is one I have grown and loved for many years. I stopped growing it for a couple years, but planted it again last year. They produce well, are great tasting, and the best thing is....they are easy to spot when you go to pick them. :-)

Cat said...

I wondered if anyone would click to see what I'd ordered. And, about the Boothby's blonde cucumber??? My maiden name is Boothby!!! When I first read about it in Territorial Seed catalog some years ago, I HAD to get it. We love it too.

April said...

I am impatiently waiting for my seeds... then I will be planting, planting, planting right along with you. I'm in SE MN (zone 4) with a short growing season, too. I've had great experiences with the Halona melons. yum!!!

I just discovered your blog when clicking through on someone's blogroll. I look forward to checking back. I'd love to have you check out my blog, too! www.aprildigginginthedirt.blogspot.com

Spring is coming... sometime!

Anonymous said...

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