Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Breaker, Breaker Update

Below is a picture of my sweet sister who took Kimber to the follow-up appointment today in order for Kimber to be 'casted', among other things. Margy is a nurse who knows her stuff, believe me. Here she relaxes with her little white dog Sonny and Kimber's little black dog Piper. We had visited her on one of Kimber's good days after her surgery.

A nurse unwraps Kimber's arm from the packing and ace bandage she wore for 10 days before the surgery. Because of the snow in Portland the clinics weren't open for business. The surgery took about two hours and included 8 pins and 16 staples.

Here Kimber sits in the Grama Boothby chair at Margy's working her 'Blackberry'. She's getting good at left-handing some things. She's a high-powered banker, so she has to keep up on some business since she'll be off work for another three weeks at least.

Today, Kimber was unwrapped again, the 16 staples removed, and then she was casted chosing a black one with sky blue dragonflies on it. She told me she won the "Most Gruesome" award in the cast room where many folks were being casted also. She says her scar is pretty big and ugly. She'll wear the cast for about 3 weeks, and then we'll see what happens. Because of having to be immobilized she may need another surgery to release her ability to move her arm again. She is in good spirits today and in less pain I think. I praise God for her, for my sister, and for the good doctor who knows what he is doing!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Poor Kimber. Tell her I'm praying for her.

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