Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gardens from a Window

I must confess that I am being a copycat with this blog. My gardening friend Connie had an assignment from a gardening photographer who challenged his constituency to take pictures of their gardens from a window. Many of my windows don't open, and those that do have a stack of wood in front of them. So, I took a couple pictures through the sun room windows.

Then I walked outside to take a picture from the street. Below you can see the flower garden which I created after my first visit to Connie's garden. She was the inspiration for my finally growing flowers. My husband is not real happy with it, but he tolerates my gardening schemes.

Hollyhocks live in the cages at the back, Moonbeam Coreopsis inhabit the middle along with one Michaelmas Daisy where the birds can bathe in privacy. And along the front there will be Zinnias and Petunias. Other favorite flowers are there too, just not obvious yet.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I would rather have flowers then veggies! I just love color. I look around and it is so bleak and grey. I'm crazy color! Can't wait till spring.

Rachel said...

This flower garden has been a complete success! I look forward to seeing where more lovely flowering beds pop up in your yard!

Connie said...

That red geranium in your sunroom window really brightens up these photos! And I like the blue ornament in your it made of glass?
I think of the garden as an artist's palette, just waiting to be painted with lovely colors.

Cat said...

Yes, Connie, it is made of glass, a suncatcher. They came in a set of 3 as a b'day gift about 20 years ago. I'm down to that 'one' now after so many moves. I've wanted to take up watercolors in my past, and since I haven't done it, the garden is my palette. Thanks for the reminder!