Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

Winter sowing is the beginning of the gardening olympics...after the ordering and receiving of seeds, that is.

I save all the containers of spring greens and baby spinach so that I can use them for sowing the perennial flower seeds in January. I poke holes in the bottom for drainage and holes in the tops for ventilation. And then I put about 7 cups of potting soil in, water it and lay the seeds on.
I use cut pieces of vinyl blinds for markers, lay the seeds on, cover them with a bit more soil, put the lid on, and place them outside on the patio. I do two or three containers each day for several days.

Today I set out 9 types of Calendula seeds in the bottom three containers. The day before yesterday was "Poppy Day". The day before that was "Hollyhock Day". "Tomorrow is another day," said Scarlet, for I just begun!


Rachel said...

Inspiring!! I'm getting potting soil tomorrow. . .

Connie said...

{SMILE} You just crack me up, woman....I love your humor and your zest for gardening! I have kept your message on my answering machine about the leaf shredder because it makes me laugh whenever I hear it. :-)
I am going out today to find some containers and get started, too. It will be Hollyhocks, Poppies and Larkspur in the starting line-up here.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You amaze me!