Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Garden Bed Building Instructions Part One

This is my one of my favorite methods of gardening. We build the "uncontained" beds right on top of our back yard lawn, which used to be a parking lot. We knew we'd have to build on top of the ground. We brought in truckloads of topsoil to be shoveled into 'assigned' beds that were 40" wide. Then we brought in truckloads of sawdust from a defunct mill to put in the pathways to walk on. This was in a state we fondly call Misery. Most folks there call it Missouri.

You can see the crops and how well they did. One neighbor secretly watched us do all this, and then he proceeded to buy us out quickly when we wanted to sell to come back to God's country, the Pacific Northwest. Part Two will follow tomorrow. And, for Margaret, Part
Three will follow the next day. This is merely one easy way to do garden beds, the French Intensive, Biodynamic Method.
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Connie said...

It is fun to see these pictures from your gardening past!
I'm not sure I would call French intensive easy, though. Intensive, yes...and back breaking. I have done both, and now prefer the Lasagna method.

Cat said...

Connie, the French Intensive method is merely a tight way to plant more in a smaller space using richly fertile beds. Of course we were younger and more vital then...when those beds were built...1986, I think, so I would have been only 40! And, my wasband did the hard labor.

Aminta said...

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