Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Expedition

My DH has the habit of taking me (and now 'Us') hiking on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.
The little pixie below is the sister to Evan from Heaven.
I call her Alina, the Queena the Ranch.
And she calls me 'Auntie Grandma'.

Below, taken from inside the car and out the back window, was one of the sites we beheld as we drove the narrow winding road to the creek where Even fished.

The rock formations project suddenly and surprisingly in the middle of serious cattle ranches along the river.

And, finally, the still, smooth and reflective creek inspired me to take picture after picture, none of which turned out really well from the car!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Beautiful pictures, Catherine. You have a gift.

Oh, I hope you are feeling better. My ear infection is so much much better and I can hear again!

It was great talking with you. I am so glad we are on the same page with Esther, it makes it easier.

I just finished lesson five and will hopefully have time to watch Session 2 tomorrow. I don't know, it's kind of busy, so we'll see...

Margaret said...


Beautiful pics. It is amazing the things kids see on those adventures. What a blessing that you actually turned around. I probably would have been late and in a hurry.

Thank you for the encouragement this morning. I did cancel tennis tonight as the nerve in my left leg is really bothering me. I will be obedient.

I hope you have pampered yourself with lots of liquids, rest and maybe a fun piece of chocolate....
I love you

Connie said...

Love the rock formations and the blueness of the sky! Your expeditions sound like fun and it's good to get out and enjoy every season.
'Auntie Grandma' is just the cutest name. It suits you. :-)

Aminta said...

It has been forever since I visited your blog!
Thank you for your faithfulness with visiting mine!
I Love the pictures! I am sure it has been nice to have "the heavenly children" close to have those wonderful expeditions.
Loves to you!

MimiTabby said...

Fantastic pictures! and actually, I really like the one of you. :)