Wednesday, February 4, 2009

End of January Excursion, Part 1

On Saturday (January 31st) my DH took me on a walk down to the Whitebird Battlefield area. This is a favorite excursion we do several times a year in order to measure what's going on. There exists an old homestead with sweet things left behind. The whole area was strewn with 'scat' which I posted for the homeschool boys in my previous post. Elk and coyote had bedded down, drunk from this tiny creek and eaten what was left of the wild cherries and rose hips.

I'm not certain if this is water cress, but some very green plant growing well in spots along the creek where robins were thick and vying for bathing space.

I'm fond of wook cookstoves, having cooked on one back in the '70's. It is a sad reminder of the life left behind, in my opinion. There are various pieces of equipment here and there along with broken down fence rails you can observe in the next picture.

This small ridge hides the low valley between where we stand and the ridges in the distance. The low valley is the Whitebird Battlefield where the Nez Perce rousted out the army in the first battle in a war the Nez Perce eventually lost. Our day was crisply cold, but sunny, so we planted our fannies in some thick dry grass in order to lie down for a small bit. I guess you could say that we planted a fanny garden. There is always a way to fit in gardening!


Connie said...

That old wood stove reminds me of one we had on the farm... in the 'old machinery junkyard'. We spent hours as kids, 'cooking' on it.
That last shot is lovely. That particular country has a beauty all its own.... kind of a lonely sort.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love exploring old homesteads. My mom was would take us to visit them when I was growing up. Those are some of my fondest memories. Thanks for sharing!