Sunday, October 31, 2010

The LORD has Spokane!

It all began last April when I discovered Beth Moore would be in Spokane in October. I prayed up whether I should buy tickets and how many. Being led to buy 3 tickets, reservations were made and Jay's daughter Lovella and some other friends got into the spirit of it to join me for the event that Beth dubbed, "The LORD has Spokane!" Below you can see the fabulous lunch we had at The Aloha Grill upon our early arrival into Spokane.
Lovella has come (reluctantly) from Hawaii to live in the wilds of Idaho for some time, so this was a blast from the past for her.
There was ONE table for two, and we ordered 'Plate Lunches" of Teryaki chicken on veggies, rice, pea salad and macaroni salad...all very native Hawaiian things to eat for lunch.

Beth's message was from Ephesians 4:1-16.
She spoke on the ONE-ness of God, the theme being,
"The sum total of every Divine equation is ONE".
One Father, One Son, One Holy Spirit =ONE
The Word for me was: "Pay the price! Do what it takes to fire up the flame to produce, to expand your gift." My gifts are teaching, encouragement and giving, and I've been in the process of really cranking down on those, so it was an affirmation for me to hear this
iterated by Beth and reiterated by Lovella on the way home.
"All of your work is meaningless if there is no love in it!"
and..."Forgive offenses because WE are offensive," Beth said. Unity in the church is more important that when or how we are offended.
However, if you don't respect your leadership, move to another church.
Fortunately for me, the respect I have for the leadership in my church is VERY high!
Getting to a Beth Moore event early and standing around for 1 1/2 hours to visit with others at the front of the line is all part of going to hear what God has for me. We did exactly that and were rewarded with seats on an isle and close to the front.
Below you see the picture I took of Beth presenting the owner of the restaurant at which she had had the pleasure of eating her lunch.

Beth always dresses in somewhat interesting clothing, and we were somewhat taken aback to find she was dressed like pants and a black V-neck, 3/4 sleeve shirt for Friday night.

Below you see how she is on Saturday speaking from Ephesians 4:14-16 in her more Beth-ish outfit with lace shirt under colorful and 'interesting' blouse under a brown vest. She'd collected fall leaves to spread on the stage because they don't have fall in Houston apparently.
She cracked us up, as usual, with humorous family stories to accompany a heavy message.

Below she joins Travis and another singer in the praise team for the Victory in Jesus song. I love how you can see a small screen of what was projected onto the big screens in the arena.

Travis Cottrell is an awesome worship leader, singer and piano player, so the experiece was rich in that regard too.

Also, God did a wonderful work to bless me in that I had this extra ticket in my pocket that my daughter was unable to use. I didn't feel led to call at the last moment to find someone for it, but merely kept it in my pocket. Just before the doors opened a young woman came along the line asking every ten feet or so if someone might have an extra ticket.
When she got to me, I smiled and told her I did. She just about fell down.
She'd been counting on the LORD to provide...and He did.
We serve and awesome God who provides for our every need. I was deeply disappointed that my daughter couldn't join us, and am grateful for how everything turned out for the best!
And another thing: Just a few rows behind me, when I turned around to look at the full arena holding 5500 women, were four dear old friends from my Gateway church in The Dalles.
Was THATa wonderful surprise and blessing!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! That's all I can say!!!! AWESOME!

Margaret said...

I was so sorry to hear that Kimber couldn't make it but God had a plan. You surrendered to it and got out of the way. It sounds like Beth was great as always. The Gateway ladies were glowing on Sunday. Love and hugs my dear.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

God is sooo good! Loved this post. Was waiting for it, so glad you had the time to write about your trip.

Hugs, Jackie

Connie said...

I have been sooo wondering how the conference went.........and lo and behold you have already summarized it here so beautifully, with photos and all!
I am glad you were blessed! I would have loved to attend, but things just didn't work out this year.
I watch Beth every week on Life Today, which I record on the DVR to watch at my leisure. She is so full of LIFE, God's life!