Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Budding and Blossoming

Fridays flow easily at school these days. Only one of the girls comes, and that is merely to do her homework. She is diligent that way, and it honors me. Her big brother comes because it is the day the big boys and the little boys are here. One of my big boys has been missing lately, for health reasons, so it is a light day for me...as opposed to Mondays where all the big boys and the 6 girls are present.
Below you can see the budding geniuses, Gracie and Wyatt working and thinking. William is Wyatt's sidekick,
and you can see him working away on his Cursive writing assignment.
Carson is persuing some wayward spelling words during the test.

And Dillon is focusing on writing his spelling words in cursive,
a task needing his full concentration!

A friend had too many blossoming Dinner Plate Dahlias; can you imagine???
She brought me this bouquet as a thank you for leading the Beth Moore Bible study we have each Wednesday evening.
Thank you, Jodi!!

The garden continues to grow some.
Tomatoes are slowly ripening, squashes are gaining size and thickening shells, and the flowers continue to bless us with divine color.
It is a good thing.

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Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

What colorful flowers! What a blessing.

It looks like things are running smoothly in your little one room school. I miss you and hope to have a phone conversation with you soon.