Saturday, October 9, 2010

When I'm the tune of the Beatles' song

My words to the tune of the Beatles' song are different from Paul, John, George, and Ringo's Anywho...
Here I am setting out on my camping trip with my new hair; it is a means to an end, really. Wanting to grow it out a bit and wanting it curled has led to my first perm in about 25 or 30 years. It will relax soon and I can fuss with it to make it more to my liking.
I took this picture of myself while driving for Margaret, who INSISTS on a picture.
Here, the welcoming committee greeted me loudly as I pulled into their empty campground. There were no othere campers! There were several stalwart folks in their RV's and travel trailers, and some in a couple of the cabins at Chief Timothy Recreation Area to the west of Lewiston. The weather was pretty cool, but I wanted to see if I could still do this.

Looky here: Setting this up was cake-ish. I'm glad I'd bought a new stepladder for the kitchen on my way because reaching the top of this miserable tent was not in the cards I'd dealt myself. This was a miserable tent because, basically, it was a screen-thingy with a rain fly. I was SO cold in the night that my full-length, fleece bathrobe was needed for covering. The new cot was not to my liking either because cold air raced into the space beneath the it...and my underside. Shivering all night long until finally getting up at 5 to go potty was pretty much the extent of my sleeping in the new tent.

Bunnies romped around looking for some of my popcorn, I suppose.
They awakened me in the night as they gnawed on acorns from the oak treees.

This was the view this morning after my coffee and daylight dawning.
The river is between the trees and the mountains. It was simply divine viewing.

I stepped out from under the trees momentarily to take this 'dawning' picture just as the sprinkling rain began. By 7:30 everything was packed up, and I was heading home for a hot bath and putting everything away.

All in all, this was a successful outing. I found out I can, and like, to do this. I want better equipment, including a stove to cook on. Just as I was finishing my coffee and making the skillet ready for bacon and eggs the sprinkling began in earnest. Being only 1.5 hours from home was nice in that I could look forward to surprising my dear husband and move on to the weekend chores. I LOVED! this, and I'll do it again. You bet!
And now I can check another 'when I'm 64' goal off the list.


Connie said...

Now let me see if I got this right. You went camping... in yourself....just to see if you could still do it? It doesn't sound like fun to me, but to each his own. haha

That last photo is really beautiful!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Well, you picked a beautiful spot! I'm proud of you for trying, Catherine. You are a brave woman. Maybe next time you'll be a bit more prepared and it won't rain!

Knowing you, I know you found God in the midst of it.

Love you!

Mimi said...

That is a gorgeous photo (of the dawn!!)

Anonymous said...

Catherine - I believe I will have to take a closer look at that location to camp at myself. I didn't even know it existed.... :) Congratulations!! The next time you wish to go camping and you want another 'tent' near by, you just let me know. I'll be ready to go with bells on...including a tent, a camp chair, a coffee pot, a camp stove and a fly rod for TRUE relaxation that can only come from casting a fly out on the water!!! I hope you will expound more about the trip Wednesday night! :) Chris R.

Margaret said...

Love the hair. Sorry just now looking from my new laptop while Riley is finishing her homework. I am so thrilled for you to check that off your list. I would add a camping trip maybe to Core-de'Lane(sp?) next summer. I love you and want to talk with. Had a longer message before but lost it and now am off to help Liam with Math. Tomorrow, talk?