Thursday, September 23, 2010

Such as it is...the Garden

I've made nothing but disparaging remarks about my garden.
Here is our first tomato. We have tomato Number 3 on the counter in the kitchen ripening. They've both (Number 1 and 2) tasted like a little piece of Heaven. These three tomatoes are the sum total (is that redundant?) of the ripe tomatoes so far...and it is the end of September, the beginning of fall! I AM sorely disappointed in the harvest so far. The squashes are another story. They are flourishing and quite surprising.
I planted a Costata Romanesca in this spot but have a bright yellow/orange threesome growing beside a butternut-looking one. How does that happen????? I can hardly wait to try them out.
My DF (Dear Friend) Margaret came for a visit just before school began.
She is a lover of the sun and resting. Margaret taught me how to do the same.
And it was simiply Divine! Thank you Mago.

The zucchini production is disappointing also.
Here is one of 2...count them, One, Two zucchinis I've harvested.
And this was the big one!

Connie, this is for you. I did not plant zinnias this year. So, where did this come from ????? I didn't know they volunteered. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE red. So this is truly a gift from God.

The temps are dropping; we had a tiny nipping of frost in late August. It didn't touch anything by a few leaves of the squashes, so I'm hoping for an excellent harvest in a week or so when we get a hard frost. It has been a disappointing and dull garden year.
However, being a true gardener, I have higher hopes for next year.
Tomorrow is another day, said Scarlet O'Hara.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You are right, next year might be completely different. I'm so sorry you have been disappointed. Unfortunately you have that very short growing season. Short didn't even begin to describe it this year!!!

Connie said...

My sympathies....Next year will be better! Love that red Zinnia! Please save me some seeds?

Toia said...

My your harvest will be plentiful next year. Love the picture with your feet up and the zinnias. Thanks for sharing and have a bless weekend!!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Bummer about your crop this year! Our garden seems to be loving this Indian Summer we've been having. We're really starting to get some tomatoes on my tomato plants that are taking over part of the garden. They are seriously out of control, but I love it!