Thursday, June 24, 2010

Part 2, Kimber's Visit

Isabella brought two 'Leo's' with her so she and Alina could do gymnastics.
She let Alina wear her Tinkerbell leotard/swimsuit.
Isabella is quite acomplished, and shy about it too.

And she was so helpful to Alina for the headstands.

This was darling to watch.
They just couldn't get enough of each other.

Alina, the ballerina showed me how she stands on her toes.

They practiced many 'moves' that little girls like to pretend as they live out their gymnastic/ballet lives.

Steve, Lovella's hubby, took his turn with Dante too. Everyone had to have some of him!

carrying out all the condiments for our hotdog roast.
We ate in shifts, that is, hotdogs first, then a round of coleslaw, then the corn of the cob as it finished.
Last, inside out of the sudden rainstorm, we savored the chocolate pie with a good cup of coffee.

Here are the girls with Grampa and Steve waiting on the fire for their hotdogs.

Oliver, the new kitten,
was quite the hit...almost as popular as Dante.
We had to make the kids go outside in order for Oliver to get a break and a rest sometimes.

This was taken at "The Crema", our European coffeehouse, where we met.
The girls compared new shoes, Isabella with her patent leather, bow-back, open-toed 'slippers' and Alina with her patent leather MaryJanes.

Then it was on to the playground where the kids played for 3 hours without needing us much at all. Kimber, Lovella and I visited, laughed, watched the kids and played with Dante.

More of Isabella and her famous hair...

One of the sweet pleasures of this small town is that the 4th of July is really big.
So, the rodeo girls have to practice with their horses every morning, and they do this on OUR street!
Isabella was in heaven petting and watching.
This girl and her mother were training this horse for town and people and noises, so it was perfect that we needed them to stop for us.
They were quite generous.

That's it on our visit.
The garden is next. I'm going out to pull some weeds and plant some flowers.
We had a sunny day yesterday, but it looks 'iffy' again today.


Connie said...

How wonderful your daughter could come for a visit and especially that everyone has such a good time together.

Those aprons look right smart!

This sunshine should really perk up the garden! Time to get my hoses out.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

It looks like you had so much fun family time. I'm so happy for you, Catherine. Looking forward to my visit with you in the SUMMER!!! I'm tired of visiting Grangeville in the cold wintertime.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Looks like everyone had great fun! Sweet pics.