Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good byes...

Since there is new snow on Grangeville Mountain and my heart is wanting to take a dip in the shallow end of the pity pool, I'll focus on something else besides gardening.
Below you see my lovely granddaughter, Alana, at her 8th grade promotion ceremony. The venue was way too small, so we ended up sitting in the isle on the floor! But, here is her dad, holding Marcus, as he lifts a bouquet for her.
Alana is truly a lovely girl, and especially so in her beautiful dress for the big ceremony. Her smile says it all!

Another event that occured while I was there for the ceremony was that my favorite son left his family to begin serving his 400 days of war duty.
He had pictures made of each of us with him, and below is mine.

Of course, while there, getting some cuddle time with my great grandboy, Cameron, was a plus.

Marcus and I got some cuddle time too.

And, below, you see my granddaughter Mandi with her Cameron.
She is a wonderful and attentive mother. They were visiting for their last hugs with her daddy before he left to begin his 400 days.

I was able to deliver Kelly to Pendleton before the transport to McCord Airforce Base where his unit was flown to Ft. Hood, Texas for 30 days of special Afghan training.
He is a Chinook helicopter mechanic and had me get into one of those HUGE things at the hanger, sit in the pilot's seat, and wear a heavy headset as if I were a real pilot. We hugged quickly and I drove off. This is the hard part, knowing he won't be available for many, many days ahead, knowing that Marcus will notice that he hasn't come home for a long time, knowing that birthdays and anniversaries will pass without him. My heart is heavy sometimes.

And one last one of baby Cameron. He is well-behaved and LOVES his truck Grammy gave him for Birthday Number ONE!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You look so good, Catherine.

I'm sorry it's snowing. Ugh!

Connie said...

According to the forecast, the weather will be settling into sunny days soon, but it will make for a short summer. Maybe we will be blessed with one of those wonderful Indian summers?
Saying a prayer for your son....400 days is a long time!!!

Chelle said...

Oh dear me, I heard about that snow on the mountain. And may the next 400 days go by as quickly as possible for you and your dear son and his family.

Thanks for praying for some northern lights for us...that would be really spectacular!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, I know those good-bye feelings all too well and it is no fun. Hang in there, Catherine. Keep being a great grandma, and mother-in-law to those family members left behind. You're such a blessing to them. Hugs!