Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trauma and Drama of a Christmas 'Break'

This darling girl of mine, Kimber, was having a great day off on Friday, beginning her Christmas vacation from the bank a little early with shopping and decorating. She wanted to hang her Christmas cards high and on ribbons. Standing on the arm of the couch to gain some height more than her diminutive 4'9" elevation grants her she began only to experience a slow motion fall to the floor, breaking her elbow. Surgery is to follow sometime this week...when there is a 'break' in the weather so they can get to the doctor's office and to a hospital.
Unknown at this joyous time of summer is that for Christmas all she wants is her right arm back! How do you wash your hair? How do you apply mascara? How do you put the turkey in and take it out? The trauma from the pain and the drama of a whole new life, like not being able to drive surround my darling Kimber with puzzling questions.

Fortunately we know from these pictures of our summer vacation, she KNOWS how to rest and relax. Maybe she'll get more than she'd planned for on this Christmas 'break'.

The other 'break' we are looking for is one in the weather so that Kelly can get home to his precious children. He flew in from Virginia on Saturday afternoon, and his wife Melissa got through the gorge allright. Then they closed it up tight due to snow and ice and wind. So, we are praying for a 'break' of another kind for them to be able to slip to speak.


Connie said...

Oh, give my sympathies to Kimber! I know from experience how painful a broken bone can be. I will pray that she heals quickly.

MimiTabby said...

fun family photos! my goodness, the family resemblance!