Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pretty Pansy Posing Politely and Peaking around the Petunia

This sweet Pansy has decided to blossom in my sunroom. She posed so sweetly peaking out from behind the Laura Bush Petunia as I sat in meditation contemplating the order of the room and whether I should destroy that order by setting up the treadmill.
She must have dropped seeds into the petunia barrel over the summer, and when I brought in the Laura Bush I brought in the seeds for litttle Pansy.

Does my friend Connie know what variety she it? You can see one of the Laura Bushes hiding in the foliage to the right. Others bloom above. They are delicate and fragrant, and this is the second winter for them. I've kept them going all this time!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

How pretty!

Margaret said...

A pretty, positively, perfect patient pansy poking out at the most punctually popular period in December. You can make anything grow. Amazing. Always able to find the beauty to look at. Only 5 more days until Kelly is back. Melissa became a member at church yesterday. She looks good and has an extra sparkle. Love to you and Jay.

Connie said...

Very good alliteration. You get a A+ from me today. :-)
How nice for you to have these little blooms to remind you of summer, now that we are in the depths of winter.
Pansy doesn't look familiar, probably something that went back to a parent from a hybrid. They come back smaller like that as most pansies come from viola tricolor as a any rate, it is oh, so cute!
I have one still blooming inside as well, and it is one that volunteered from seed, so is of a hardy nature.