Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pittsburg Landing, Part 1

On Friday after Thanksgiving my Dear Husband asked me out for a date! We decided on Pittsburg Landing for the scenery, landscape and hiking potential. After driving down White Bird grade to the Salmon River, we headed up to the top of the Seven Devils Mountains for a breathtaking view and some lunch. The above picture was directly in front of us as we ate our turkey sandwiches in the warmth of the car. You cannot see the Snake River as it lays itself down at the very bottom of the canyon.

This was the view to the right of us. You can see the terraces of rock. There was a pretty good forest fire two summers ago in here, and the trees have not been harvested so they are abundant and burned black in the bark with orange branches of needles, being mostly pine. In the next post I will show you the Snake River and treacherous trail we hiked only a bit of before deciding to poke around an abandoned farm with a magnificent pond.


Connie said...

A great date...and what photo opportunities!
Lovely scenery.

Margaret said...

We started with part 4 and went backwards to 1. Wow, looks adventuresome and fun. Glad you had the oppt to anticipate the hike, that makes it all the better especially is you are rewarded with such beauty. Glad you didn't go on out there alone without cell. Thanks for sharing.