Friday, September 4, 2009

Table for Two?

I have longed for a spot on the patio to set up a table for a romatic lunch or sweet tea time with a friend. My DH removed his table saw from the patio while I was gone to western Washington to care for my daughter and grand-daughter. Today I spent hours out there removing other items, storing garden equipment in a better fashion and setting up this little piece of heaven. The flowers are from the garden. The plums are just now ripening.
Would you get a look at the size of these puppies? They are almost as big as puppies, come to think of it!

My dear daughter, Kimber, with baby Dante beginning to show pretty well in front has been so sick with this pregnancy, suffering a raging ear infection for two weeks on top of morning sickness all day long even now at 27 weeks. She has recovered now and is back to work.

Isabella and I love to play beauty shop where she braids my very short hair, doctor where she fills my belly button with sparkly lip gloss and school where she is the bossy teacher, calling me Elizabeth, and telling me to be the snack monitor today.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

That is just lovely! I would love to be able to sit and chat over a cup of tea!

Aminta said...

Yes, I WILL come for a chat on your back porch sometime. And yes, I DO KNOW I have haven't been invited. But isn't it true that back door friends are the best? lol
OH!! I have so many colors I would love to tell you about.
Colors that are to grace my lovely new-home-2-be in many areas.
First, the dining room is going to be a very cozy latte color, I want to keep the "elmos fire" that is in the living room, then I want to paint the cupboards that are in the kitchen a dark brown called "downtown brown-which I already have (they are the same color as the living room right now) and then........ the kitch is to be a spicy rendition of pumpkin orange.... OHHH AHHH! :)
I am excited! Can you tell?
Looking forward to having you over to my new house when we finally get there and settled.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Isabella is adorable! Love her braids. Also, the spot you cleared is beautiful. What a blessing!

Mimi said...

those ARE sensational plums. Ours are small but OVERabundant. And your granddaughter is adorable with the purple light in her hair.