Monday, August 24, 2009

Hollyhocks...and more

by Dorothy Aldis
Larkspur and Hollyhock,
Pink Rose and Purple Stock,
Lovely smelling Mignonette
Lilies not quite opened yet,
Phlox the favorite of bees,
Bleeding Heart and Peonies -
Just their names are nice to say,
On a summer's day.
The above are not the named flowers in the poem, but just as exquisite.
My sister, Margy, recited this poem for us about a year ago on a garden tour as we left Connie's on a VERY hot day.
Below, this hollyhock is tiny in stock only; its flowers are normal size!
Is this the Drama Queen, Connie?
The unfolding and opening of one my bold pink favorites.

The face of this hollyhock is everybit as complicated as ours, and surprisingly lovely with no make-up or new hairdo!
I may have had to buy a lug of tomatoes to put up yesterday,
but my flowers flouish.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I was surprised when you said you had to buy tomatoes. Usually, you have so many! The crop just isn't ready, or is there no crop?

Your flowers are lovely!

Cat said...

I have very few, and those are as green as gourds...although I've never seen a green gourd!

Connie said...

What a nice color combo in that first photo and the poem is sweet... have never heard that one.

Drama Queen is the name of a Poppy. Did you get seed for the Hollyhock from me? I did have a nice pink one like that last year. It should get much taller next year.
I hope to get up and see you soon!

Deena said...

I love the comment you made about a Hollyhock's face being just as complicated as our own~I just wish MINE was as lovely without the makeup and hair-do!
Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos with all of us flower lovers!!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Gosh, your flowers are just stunning! Mine are looking rather pathetic now.

Cat said...

Connie, my dear, I thought I got the Hollyhock plant from you, but maybe not. I think it is a dwarf because last year it was tiny too, but didn't flourish much. If this is the best it can do I'm afraid it's headed for the bone pile. But it IS cute.

Margy said...

yummo! your plate of Amuse Bouche looks tres fabu! and the cute. great job on both of these creative projects!