Saturday, August 15, 2009

Camping Trip/MamaPajama's Birthday

It was my mother's 86th birthday on August 6th. All of her children came to Bellingham where she lives with my youngest sister. My son, Kelly, and his family invited me to take a camping trip with them nearby. This is a picture of Kelly with his youngest, Marcus (left) and my sister's 6 year old, Jacob (right). Kelly LOVES camping, and he loves children, so we invited Jake to camp with us for a couple days while we were there.
This is Kelly's family with me and mom. It is a four-generation picture. Kelly's oldest has a baby now, so there are five generations alive.

Below is "the family": Barb (49), Margy (62), mom (86), Brian (57) and me (63).

Above, you can not only see all of us, but on the table in front of us is the quilt Margy made for mom as a wall-hanging. I'm in love with it, so Margy will make me a small sampler of some of it. I can hardly wait to hang it in my new room.

Most of the family came out to camp for an evening of s'mores over the campfire.

And, here she is, the MamaPajama!
She is a registered nurse.
She can stand on one foot and draw her name in the air with the other foot.
She baked all of our bread, and made everything from scratch teaching us how to sew and knit and work our fingers to the bone when necessary. AND! she can sing.
She retired from nursing at 68 and went into the Peace Corps,
serving in the jungles of Costa Rica for two years.
She took in countless foster babies, so she showed us how to be good mothers.
She has a great sense of humor, and she's quite funny herself.
She is beautiful inside and out.
And she loves Jesus.
That's my mom!
May this year bring you much joy as you wait for another great-grandbaby, Mama!


Brian said...

What a wonderful and fitting tribute to our mom. Thanks, Cathy

mimi said...

Yes, I agree. And I love the photos.

Margy said...

You captured our wonderful celebration with and for Mom. Thanks SO much!! It was such a great time for us all.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are awesome! I sure wish I could've come, but I am glad everyone had such a great time with Grandma!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

What a wonderful picture you have of your mom and lovely memories.

Thank you for sharing your pictures!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I don't get it. I am not recieving your comments via email and I would have missed this post if you wouldn't have said anything to me about it. It is not updating itself on my bloglist. Wonder what is going on?

Connie said...

How wonderful for you to spend some time with your family. Your Mama is radiant...a beautiful lady.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Your mom sounds like a great lady! She taught you so many useful things. She's beautiful, too. I don't think I can stand on one foot and write my name!

Margaret said...

Wow....what a wonderful reunion. It seemed full up to the brim with love, understanding and laughter. What we are blessed with when we do His will and wait.

I love you woman and glad that I get to see you all flourish together.