Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shall We Gather at the River?

About a year ago I visited my sister Margy in Battleground, Washington. She took me on a Sunday morning tour of a 'drive-thru' wildlife refuge that I cannot recall the name of today. As we listened to Fernando Ortega sing lovely hymns, which we softly sang along with, we observed the wildlife gathered at the river running through the refuge. I am a birdwatcher from Wayback (which state do you think Wayback is in?), and I was thrilled to see this Great Blue Heron waiting for me.

There were also Egrets in trees, along the bank of the river, and in grassy fields. What a blessing it is to know that on this gray, windy March day with the temperatures rising to more reasonable degrees (39), there is the hope of spring. There is the hope of warm, sunny days with blue skies and birds gathering at the river, the one we to which we will gather in several months!

I am so ready to plant little seeds and watch their little leafy heads pop up. Speaking of which there ARE Daffydowndilliles peeking out this morning in the east garden bed! Hallelujah!!


Connie said...

Catherine, I love your blue heron photos! There is one that sits on a rock in the Southfork and we see it every Sunday when we drive by to go to church. I always wish I could take his photograph. :-)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love bird watching, too. I used to be good at it, but I'm pretty rusty now. Love the pictures!

Kimber said...

Blog blog blog blog blog, blog blog blog.

And you think I never look at your blog!

Aminta said...

Oh! Sounds like a wonderful, wonderful Sunday morning if you ask me!
I would also love/adore/be-in-glee for a morning to come that includes sunshine, garden tending, cartoon watching, sewing, and a warm walk with out jackets.
SIGH! So look forward to it. :)
I am going to see Chelle for the week-end. A girl from Spokane, and a girl from Orange County CA. Are also coming. SO! I am having my very first ever GIRLS WEEK-END! I Am totally freaked out, I know for a fact that the kids will all be just fine with their wonderful Daddy. But it is me that I worry for. lol!
Loves to you Cat!

MimiTabby said...

Oh, what fun! I wish I'd been there too. nice photos. I think I was at Wayback a time or two.