Friday, March 27, 2009

Sock It To Me!

I have to be honest with you; I've been outside several times this week, and there is NOTHING yellow coming up yet!! The garlic is up, the daffydowndillies are up, but not doing anything. SO!

Here is my new knitting basket. Margaret (my massage therapist) wanted me to teach her how to knit. She works with wool, and felted this for me. I LOVE it. My new brown jacket goes beautifully with it, but I'm not into changing purses for my outfits. It has become my sock knitting bag, and, Margaret, I get LOTS of comments on its unique beauty. Thank you.

My dear mother knits socks, and before she leaves us I wanted to learn what she is famous for:
The above is my first sock. It fits me perfectly. My foot is small, so most store socks, when pulled on, put the heel up the back of my ankle. This one fits perfectly.

You can see the second one of the pair is almost finished. It is easy (once you can understand the directions), and my Little Mither (or Mama Pajama, as I often call her) was ever so helpful with translating what seemed Greek into do-able instructions.

I've ordered more 'fingering' yarn from a place called "Knitpicks" online, and I can't wait for the next batch of yarn to come. Who cares about tulips and daffydowndillies?????


Connie said...

If this dreary weather keeps up, I may have to take up knitting. (not)
I love your bag and the socks are cute, too...though I tend to like thinner socks better.
No daffs here yet...though they are getting taller!

Aminta said...

LOVE the bag (good job Margaret) and the socks are darling, not to mention they are pretty soft too!
I am excited for spring and sooo needing it at this point.
Sad I missed your call, we are coming down with a cold and I was napping. YES! First nap in so very long. I think I need another, for that one lasted 15 minutes before Beau decided he needed to check on Mommy.... darling boy. I didn't mind the checking on part, but not so much the fit throwing before hand. Faith was trying to let me have a nap, and Beau was interfering with that. lol
Loves to you!
So nice running into you at the Creme Cafe!

Margaret said...

The purse is beautiful. I have to say, you knit some booties for Riley but I would love to have my first knit pair of socks. Can I put in a request for Christmas..? The socks look so "I feel loved to wear them". I am so excited to see you and hear Beth together. I think I actually squealed... I have been cooped up too long. I don't have kids worked out yet. Please pray for that. I love you woman...