Sunday, January 1, 2012

Don't Waste Your Life!

My Dear Husband and I visited in The Dalles for Thanksgiving.

That may seem like old news to some, but Jay had never done that, and I love him for stepping out of his comfort zone to travel. He is a 'stay-at-home' kind of guy.

We've since celebrated Christmas and New Year's Eve, and I confess to y'all that I've been in a struggle all this time. Remember when Jacob wrestled with God in Genesis 32? Well I didn't want my hip to be injured like Jacob's, so today I relented. Every time I questioned God about this He deflected my reasoning. So...

I'm going to the Philippines on a mission trip to an orphanage called Nehemiah House.

I've wanted to make a difference, which I DO!...already, but the Lord has something more for me. I'm reading a book by John Piper called Don't Waste Your Life, and it backs up the call for me to go. I teach and present workshops on Living Like You Mean It, so why I've been so reluctant is curious.

My excuses this morning:

*this morning at the crack of dawn after my prayer time I felt compelled to give all my money away to someone in GREAT need

* there's a wedding in April that my grandson will expect me to attend

*When I asked about the team (hoping they were full), I was told 3 people had just dropped out

God's responses this morning and this afternoon:

**The sermon this morning was about 'embracing the call'!

**The team needs someone to present a Bible study to women, and the one Monique (the leader) has been praying about is one I've been leading for several months! She needs me to present this.

**The team needs someone to lead morning songs for the girls in the orphanage, and I sing!

**I'd been afraid to bring up 'the call' to my husband because he is not a 'go-er', and when I confessed my struggle and perceived 'call' he told me that if I'm called I'd better go AND he'd help with finances!

**Last year if felt a need to renew my passport!

My life is not a waste unless I don't answer the calls on it! I want to live big this year. One of the women I coach told me that in her prayer time she was given that God was going to do something big in the next three months. Since He will do for all what he does for one, I took that and ran with it. My Resolution Chart is made, but it is all about the physical (food, weight, exercise). Now I have even more reason to believe He is calling me for more, for something BIG.

Has He called you for more? Are you reluctant too? Get on the train!

Let's go somewhere BIG for God.

I'll be making aprons madly to raise money for the trip. Also I'll take four with me as gifts to the women who cook for us...lots of white rice, fruits, veggies.

I covet your prayers, your warriors out there.

Answer my call for prayers; answer God's call to live a bigger life for Him this year.

He may not be calling to an overseas mission, but He IS calling you to something!

Don't waste your life!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Wow! that is huge, Catherine. I'm so proud of you and you know that I will be praying for you.

I love you and am soooo proud of Jay for supporting you as well. I'll take an apron! Maybe you can take some pictures and put them on your blog?

Love you to pieces and I can't wait to prayerfully run this race with you and learn all the lessons that you will learn.

Again, so proud and so grateful that you are such an obedient servant to our Lord Jesus Christ.

MimiTabby said...

Congratulations, Cathy! I have felt a similar call and mine hit me square in the face. I am still not exactly sure how I am going to go about this; but I know I am needed and it is important. This is a wonderful opportunity for you... I look forward to your travelogue.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so proud of you for answering the call. I'm super proud of Jay for supporting you. Sounds like God has opened the doors wide and you are obeying. I KNOW you will be blessed!

mag brewer said...

Wow, this is great. I am so excited for you. He does have BIG things in mind for you. thanks again for your motivation to get focused on my goals. I did walk again today and plan to make my 5x a week, I won't be making any cards for you. Love you and plan to call tomorrow to talk more about the Phillipines. Yippee and your brother will join. How could it get any better than that.