Saturday, January 14, 2012

Apron Mania Part 1

I'm selling aprons hand over fist in order to raise money for my misson trip to the Philippines, and one of the benefits in signing up for this mission is that I've learned how to spell the name of the country!

The ones below have not sold yet, so let me know if you want one (or more) and I'll take it out of the collection.

These are the 'twins' (on right and left) I believe I blogged earlier and have added another to the 'leafy' collection.

The reverse side is lavender with an intricate sage green stitching displayed on it.The reverse 'leafy' has some ribbon for the sake of interest which, unfortunatley cannot be seen well here.
Below is the Spring Flower Collection

Above, again, you cannot see the festive buttery embriodered tablecloth I used on one side of the apron on the left. The two on the right have a rosey pink watercolor batik pattern. Reverse sides are shown below.

Some of these have intricate stitching for embellishments along with unique buttons.

Be sure to look at the next blog for the other aprons. I'm not great at figuring out how to get more than five pictures on a blog. DUH!

Lady's aprons sell for $20 plus shipping, child's for $10 plus shipping.

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