Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trippin' Two

After seeing to Mom last month I travelled south to the homes of my children and took in the deliciousness of grandchildren which you will see below. Kelly's youngest, Marcus, was very anxious to show me his very own new tool. The small 'Leatherman' was used for "projects" while I visited. Project Number One: The cutting of his hair!

He proudly came out of the bathroom telling us that it not only looked good,

but that he didn't even cut himself!

We got such a kick out of his pride in this project that no one objected, however Melissa DID take him for a buzz cut later in the day. We went to my favorite ice cream place, Big Jim's, where Kelly called us from Afghanistan, and you can see Marcus talking ever so casually to him.
Brianna is growing into a lovely young girl who is not only beautiful on the outside,

but beautiful on the inside too!
And Christina is Melissa's right-hand girl!

She is supposed to be going to school, which she is, and spends HOURS a day on facebook.

She's a darling thing too.

At Kimber's I had the pleasure of babysitting Dante for a bit while Kimber went to pick up Isabella from school. Dante had disappeared for a LONG time, so I went looking for him.

This is what I found. I love that he is already a reader!
We went to Isabella's school to have lunch with her, Kimber, Dante, and I.

Is he not the cutest, curly-headed little boy you ever did see?!!!
We also went to the school library where Kimber takes him every week to interact with other pre-schoolers with a librarian who reads them, leads a craft with them,

and lets them dance to music.

Kimber told me she hates craft time because Dante just wants to tear up all the other kids' pictures and then throw the crayons at them. He thinks it is P.E. time, I guess.

And Isabella comes home from school. She loves the brown dress wtih pink circles on it so much that it is now a long shirt over her jeans. She cracks me up!
So, these pictures are not only for your pleasure, but are for my Kelly-JellyBean's too;

he called this morning from Afghanistan wanting 'the rest of the story'.

Here it is kiddokidoke!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Dante and Marcus are darling! They look like each other, too. They have some similar features.

What a blessing to be able to talk to Kelly at Big Jim's.

Love ya!

Margaret said...

You have precious grandchildren and wonderful that you take the time to visit them as often as possible. Fun love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

oh I loved the photos too! Dante is adorable! well so are the rest. I loved your coverage of the haircut. That really cracked me up.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So wonderful that you got to see your family. The pictures are adorable. Especially love the one of Dante "reading". So cute!