Sunday, May 9, 2010


As the snow blew sideways on Thursday my spirits went with the sideways snow. Before I knew I'd slid into the sideways-double lowdown blues. Fortunately I took all those thoughts and feelings captive and capitalized on a good thing...Christmas! I put in a Christmas CD, got out lights to string upon a glass table, picked a bouquet of red flowers from the sunroom and made fudge to pass around as I ran some errands.
My sister used to dub me the Silver-Lining Queen, so I guess the name fits. Anyway, my spirits were lifted, the snow melted and many where happy to share a piece of fudge around town.

The day before I'd visited with my daughter-in-law at her humble abode where she'd livened up the dining room with festive cloth hanging to make a sort of fort for her and Stephen as they celebrated their 15th aniversary. I'd provided Costco's cream puffs with some rhubarb jam drizzeled over, and which she shared with me the day after when I arrived for the inspection.

It is another of our few sunny days today, Mother's Day. I've heard from my precious son who is off to Warrior School with the National Guard before he deploys to Afghanistan, his wife, Melissa who is caring for their many children and enjoying it, and my daughter who is SO happy to be sharing a holiday with her sweet hubby home from Iraq.
God is good...ALL the time!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You have such a sweet, sunny personality. Talk about making lemonade from lemons. Catherine, I'm so proud of you. I wish I could be like that.

Lovella looks wonderful!

Connie said...

Snow in May is just not right, but I'm glad you made the best of it!
Hoping the sun is here to stay for awhile....I'm not rushing out to plant my tomatoes just yet.

Aminta said...

Sunny fits you.... you are such a piece of sunshine in my corner of the world.
Happy (late) Mothers Day sweet friend!
(Christmas in May! hmmmm..... maybe a new tradition?)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love your positive, encouraging attitude. Hopefully it is just as nice in Grangeville this weekend as it is here, and you're out in the garden. I'm planting all the rest of my seeds today! So excited to finally get my garden fully planted.