Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is Why!

This is why YOU, whoever YOU are,
have daffodils and crocuses
and why I don't!We got dumped on Friday night by a big snowstorm which left about 6 inches as it passed.
It was sunny on Saturday, and it is sunny today, so it is melting fast.

I feel especially tender towards my tiny primroses that, a couple weeks ago,
I pictured on a blog.
The buds have opened, but cautiously.
And these, above, are the extent of my daffydowndillies so far.
They are afraid to venture out too far, and for good reason!
When I turned from my photos to come in to write this a horse came down the street.
It was riderless and made me a little nervous.

On close following with my camera I saw that a lovely woman was behind it
'leading' it up the street. She was going by the nursing home to give the
residents a treat. When we spoke she said her mom was there.

This is why I love this place!
How many of you saw this today????


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Not me!

I'm sorry you got "dumped" on. Bummer. Just when you were seeing signs of spring.

Connie said...

OH, your poor primroses! We got rain. My spinach is up, and I planted out peas and some early greens.

That was a neat photo of the horse, what a lovely thing to do!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That is awesome! A definite Grangeville moment.

Sorry you guys got dumped on. Hopefully this warmer weather we are having this week is happening where you are, too.

Aminta said...

I saw that too! How fun, to know that we witnessed the same thing, just at different times.