Friday, March 5, 2010

Bonding Cousins...and More Bondings!

Isabella Rosalini Fettucini and Alina the Queena the Trailer,
both 5, both Girlie-Girls
had SO much fun coloring, dressing up dollies, pretending tea-party and playing house.
Precious memories we have from this weekend together.
Marcus wanted in on the action with the baby too, and Isabella was helpful.

Lovella headed up the tie-dying activity while Kimber rocked Dante and I played outside with the girls. The men, Stephen, Kelly, Grampa, and Evan were out at the ranch fooling with some piece of machinery.

Kelly is THE best uncle!

More bonding in the evening before bed. And Isabella is such a good big sister!

We looked forward to seeing and hearing the bonding conversations and activities of the little ones, as they don't meet up often. Here you can see 'Lisabella' (as Marcus called her) and Marcus. I'd set up a tent in the spare room for them to "camp out" in. The lights had gone out the first night, most everyone was in bed. And I thought I'd peak in on the campers. This is how they were poised, watching for Kelly to lie down on the couch. I fetched my camera for this shot, and they applied smiles. The loved sitting in my computer chair to watch the screensaver pictures of themselves rolling by. Since we had a camping theme I gave them each an old marshmallow left over from the camping trip we took in August. Their sweet nibbling sounds as they shared the chair and enjoyed the passing of their lives before them blessed my socks off!

There were very nearly inseparable, brushing their teeth together too. Because the house is so gibbered up in its floor plan they ALWAYS lost their way to the bathroom!

Kelly loves babies; and Dante is no exception!

Grampa Jay was enamored of this darling baby too.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

What beautiful memories, Catherine! I'm so happy for you. Our prayers were answered perfectly by a perfect God!

Connie said...

How sweet! You are a blessed Grandma.

Margaret said...


It just looks wonderful....You must be just filled up with His blessings. The cousins together is so priceless and seeing Alina and Isabella together....the hopes for a wonderful future sisterhood. Thanks for sharing.
love and hugs.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who got lost on the way to your bathroom, LOL!

Awesome pictures. You can just feel the cousin fun oozing out of each one.


Aminta said...

What sweet times you have had for the last several weeks. What a blessing to hae so many fun "4"s too.
I love you and am excited to see the next post. I love you!