Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Heart Sings!

After a fabulous lunch of Fish Tacos (with chicken instead of fish) I suddenly felt like the serious low-down blues had taken hold of me. After a sunny morning where we were supposed to have snow I was delighted to imagine a brisk walk, but a sudden downpour of rain, sleet and hail prevented me. It lasted only a few moments, but just long enough to convince me I needed a ride to the store for a maple finger. Now, doesn't that beat all?
Anyway, the library is always a nice retreat, and I found an interesting article in the paper to copy for my students, and then I came home to sew, but my machine wanted to throw a conniption fit. Feeling even bluer than blue I stepped outside for a breath on the patio. My eyes spotted a tiny bit of pale green.
Wonder of wonders there are surprises coming up in my yard that make my heart sing. Before we get to that, however, this is some of the soft, bamboo yarn for the next socks. My dear and sweet friend, Stacie has ordered some in brown or green. This is as close as I have, and I think there may be too much blue in it for her...she'll tell me in the comments; I know ;).
Okay on to the surprises in the yard. Below is the first one: Iris, which is coming up all over where I set them out last year.

How about these velvety, thick and fuzzy Hollyhocks. These are in the nursery bed I began last year. I believe they are a dark, rich red.

Below is one of my favorites in the 'first' department: Leopard's bane. It gets tall stalks with bright yellow daisy-like flowers. When I saw these I KNEW spring was near!

Below is the tear-jerker. You may already have all kinds of stuff up, but in the high elevations of Idaho, this season is S-L-O-W. Can you see the small red buds appearing on these Primroses? I really did get tears in my eyes when these presented themselves for inspection.

And, last, but not least, below, Snowdrops are popping out: little, tiny, dear things that make my heart sing songs of praise to our Maker for all He has done for me! Giving me the nod to go out, to inspect, to be lifted up in this long winter of greys and browns.

I don't think I'll need another Maple finger for awhile. They are about a third the size of a maple bar...perfect for a snack when you are bluing things up royally. I'm going to get new hair tomorrow and plant lettuce on Friday.
I'll beat you to the garden; my heart is singing new songs!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Isn't it wonderful? I love spring! My bulbs are doing so well. I keep finding more and more popping their heads up. I also spend $4.50 and bought three beautiful primroses to match the white pansies in my wheelbarrow planter. Love it!

I like the yarn. Go with it!!!

Love you!

Connie said...

Happy.. for new live emerging all around!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Pretty yarn! I can't wait to see the finished product on Stacie.

The kids and I went out and cleaned up one flower bed the other day. It was so cute how excited they got over the new life that was peeping forth.

I've read your later two posts and they were both very touching. I love your heart!