Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grand-Girls' Birthdays

Two grand-daughters turned "5" in January! Isabella celebrated with her school friends at the gym where she takes lessons.
Alina celebrated with her girlfriends in Tea Party style.
Below are some of the friends, with their mothers, who came for Alina's party.
Kate B., showing us the bracelette she made.

The only boy, and sibling, allowed at the Tea Party was Alina's big brother,
Evan from Heaven.
He was a fantastic moustachioed waiter!

Alina with Gramma Catherine all dressed for the occasion.

Dear Big Sister, Greta.

Alina the Queena the Tea Party
showing her bracelette.

Mother-daughter beauties in attendance at the tea party:
Cora Lynn and Erin.

Olivia tasting her tea sandwich.
You may notice the pink hot chocolate in the tiny tea cup at the lower left.

Mari, finally tasting the best part of the foodly treats.

And Isabella with her baby brother before her own party.
She could not have received a better gift!

I am blessed to have so many grandchildren, and to have two darling girly-girls the same age. Isabella and Alina are not only beautiful, but also blessed by incredible mothers (my daughter and step-daughter:).
All the girls have hearts of gold.
Being a gardener at heart,
I consider these girls some of the sweetest flowers in my garden!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Your grandchildren are getting sooooo big! Love to see them. Evan looks great in his mustache!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You are blessed indeed! Cute pics and wonderful idea.

Connie said...

Sweet post! This reminds me of the birthday tea parties I did for Michelle and her friends when she was growing up.

It was fun to see you in your fancy white gloves instead of the dirty garden variety. Ha.

Aminta said...

So cute!
They are each precious, aren't they?
What a special day with all of your special girls.
You were right. Something inside was unhappy with me. I am working on it.... do not worry, God is good and is walking me through this.
I love you Cat!