Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The rest of the g-children.

Miss Isabella is my daughter's only child, three years old and becoming a gymnist. Watch for her in the 2020 Olympics! She's telling me how to do a backward flip, and I'm flipping out.

Tyler, my son's oldest boy, will be 19 next week!! He loves that little baby brother, and misses him from Oklahoma where he has joined the military. You go, Ty!!

Brianna is 8, having celebrated the recent b'day with Grampa and Grammy. When I asked her if she liked Strawberry Shortcake, which I thought would be fun for a July b'd, she told me she liked Cinderella better. We had a good laugh, then made the kind of strawberry shortcake you can eat, and she loved it!

Alana is nearly 13 now! She's a beauty, doing well, and ever-so helpful to her mom as her dad is away in the military too, and she's the oldest girl now that Mandi is gone.

Mandi is the oldest, out on her own, but home to help out when we Grama took everybody bowling last year.

This concludes the intros to grandchildren. Gardening is next; I can't wait!


Connie said...

Six wonderful blessings. :-)

Aminta said...

So fun!
Faith had a blast going to the pool with Brainna and Alana this summer. Thank you for including Faith in this day! Looking forward to tomorrow evening!!!!
Loves to you dearest of ALL CATS!
Oh, and thank you for stopping in! And tell your momma I ADORE her!