Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate

It all began last year with a tiny started plant from my gardening friend, Connie which grew rapidly to about 7 feet, speading its arms in ballerina fashion. As the flowers went to seed and dropped to the ground they 'volunteered' to come up this year. I plucked them up and set them in strategic places in this year's garden.

This one seems to guard the 'tomato pavillion' which is 4 feet tall and 20 feet long. More on the tomato pavillion next time.


Connie said...

Your KMOTGG is so much larger and grander than any I have grown. It must be very happy, there in your garden.

Chelle said...

Oh Cat please don't be nervous to ask me anything...:) in order to listen to the sermon you have to scroll down on my sidebar to my project playlist, and pause it. I am sorry that I failed to mention that in my post. Then go ahead and go back up to the video and click on play.

The KMOTGG is so luscious and darling and I love it's name.