Sunday, March 11, 2012

We Can Do It!

If I knew how to do it I'd put a picture of Rosie the Riveter on here to show my muscle and my 'can do' attitude.

I testified that on January 1st I felt God telling me that He was going to accomplish something BIG with/in me in the first 3 months of the new year.

Since January 1st I've not only been called to The Philippines, but I've been on the treadmill at least 6 days a week, going from 20 minutes the first month, and up to 30 minutes now. I can burn 256 calories at a pop too.

I raise my hands in praise to God Who is accomplishing this with/in me when I waver.

No one could have told me that I'd love the treadmill, or running for two minutes some mornings on it. No one could have told me that I'd look forward to the gruesome task of doing this in the O'Dark-Thirty hours of the morning.

I began on January 1 at 142 pounds, down some from when I'd first begun after Christmas doing Weight Watchers from home with all the old books and slide rule.

On February 5, a Sunday morning, I weighed in at 135, my first goal.

And it has taken 5 weeks to accomplish the next 1 pound loss!

Never, when getting on the scale, did I forsake the program of diet and exercise.

Only God could have accomplished this in me.

I admit, I was disappointed, and I whined about it to my beloved sister.

I complained to my husband too.

He assured me I was building muscle...which weighs more than fat.

I pressed on...only through the Strength that come from the LORD Himself.

Today, the scale showed the number 134...that one more pound!

I'm not in this for numbers. I'm in this for my health.

I'm so small...really I am!

4 feet 10.5 inches

It isn't big enough to carry the weight I've been carrying. There are three weeks left of the promise I felt from the LORD to do something BIG in/with me in the first 3 months of the year.

I've had help too.

I text my friend Margaret every morning when I finish on the treadmill.

I text my daughter with my 'points' or pounds.
It will be nice to be in a very hot climate carry less weight and wearing loose-fitting clothes.

I wonder what the Creator will do with me next!

I'm ready for the adventure whatever it is because He sustains me, He fulfills me.

He is Faithful!


mbrewer said...

You go SISTA!!!! I am so proud of you and inspired. Let's see where He takes you.

MimiTabby said...

goodness, quit watching the scale. Instead feel your calves and notice how much stronger you are on that treadmill.
By riding my bike consistently, I gained 15 pounds. Yes, I was skinny when I started, but believe me, I'm not skinny now and it's NOT all muscle. So you convert fat to muscle.. Your husband is right. keep working. We've started at the gym, Donald for rehab, me because I want to be able to keep up when I go to Baja. my medicine is the stair stepper. I am up to 48 flights of steps :-) have to get beyond 60 in the same amount of time. I will be thinking of you when I go to the gym today!

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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That is so wonderful! So proud of you. I think it is great that you are holding yourself accountable to those around you. That is a huge part of your success, I'm sure. Congratulations!