Saturday, February 12, 2011

Faux Pas and the Rug

The new addition to our family is this darling, soft cat.
Not being 'Cat People', and being pressed to acquire one, I decided, with the help of my dear sister Margy, to get a cat that would please my DH and me and those who think we should have one. Lovella came up with the name after hearing about a donkey we had years ago whose name was Donkey Otie (Don Quixote). Lovella is forever interupting our phone conversations to tell me what her cat Oliver is doing and how hilarious it is. Now, I interupt her to tell her that Faux Pas has gone catatonic, but that it is to be expected because, after all, in the cat show yesterday she went all out in her favorite event, the catapult, etc. Today I told her Faux Pas might get a big brother named Claudius Caticus, or she might get a baby sister named Catikitten.
And, of course, there is the ice-skating cousin named Caterina.
You can tell that here in the gray wilds of wind-blown, dusty, small-town G'ville, it is very slow!
My Auntie Lela made a beautiful braid rug years ago, and I ended up with it.
Because it was too big for any room in the house I moved into with Jay, I took some rounds off and gave them to my sister Barb who is so much like Auntie Lela. Then it became too large for the 'Wreck Room', so I took more rounds off and finally sent the smaller rug to my neice Mary whose new home with wood floors is perfect for it.
Now I'm ready to put some of the rounds back together as smaller rugs, but I don't know how. You see the hands of Sweet Rachel who came with her dear girls, Kate and Maggie, to teach me how to do this. Obviously these pictures are backwards in that I wanted you to see Rachel sitting on the floor sewing an end together first. Oh, well.

Her husband, Brian, made the handy lacing instrument she is using in the picture above.

And here she is on the floor in front of me while we visit as she begins the process.
I love this girl so very much for the treasure she is!
And I'm just one person in the long line who thinks the same of her!
You may notice the paint cans by the stove behind Rachel.
My next post will let you in on all the surprising changes in the kitchen...


mimitabby said...

well congratulations on getting a cat! (he's cute)

And in the last photo your friend looks like a snake charmer :-)

Do show us what your rug looks like when it's finished and in its place

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Whew! I'm glad it is stuffed!

And Rachel is the sweetest thing! Every time I see her it is a treat.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Love you cat. Very cute and quite, too! That's my kind of cat :)

What a great pic of Rachel sewing that rug. She's a handy friend to have! I agree, with mimitabby. Looks kind of like a brown snake ;) Bet it'll turn out great :)

Connie said...

Now that is MY kind of cat!! haha

I agree that Rachel is a treasure....and also the rug-making queen.

Kimber Giordano said...

You SURE you don't want a real cat? Like Bailey?