Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally, a Garden...of sorts

The garden this year is really challenged. We've had temperatures in the upper 40's at night so the tomatoes and squashes are just surviving. My ankle is sprained, so I've not even finished spreading the mulch of you can see. The sunflowers in the background are volunteers, and I've maintained recently that if I knew how to freeze and eat flowers for the winter we'd be set. But we love tomatoes and winter squash. You see the northeast beds here.

And, below, are the south east beds.

I do love the eclectic approach of inter planting flowers, herbs, greens and squashes in a bed like the one below. That is rhubarb chard, my favorite in the middle.

It has been a great year for cool-weather crops like this cabbage. The maroon flower on the right is part of the perennial called Nautica Macedonica.

The size of the squash below indicates there isn't enough time for it to mature. My sadness over this year's garden can overtake me sometimes because I LOVE gardening. I've been off on trips to visit family, sprained my ankle badly, and accepted the cool wet weather. Fortunately, I've given seeds for my favorite winter squash to about 6 other gardeners who live in warmer areas nearby. I've asked for just one squash from them. We'll see what happens.

The tomatoes are finally appearing, not many, and not ripening.

I love Green Tomato Pie, so perhaps it is a year for that instead of Salsa.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I really need to do a gardening post, too. It loved looking at how you did everything. I'm definitely going to be doing things differently next year. Things are cooling down around here, too and I'm just hoping my watermelons and such will have time to mature. I'm getting plenty of pickling cukes and we're going to do 25 lbs of pickles tomorrow. Yeah! I'll have to bring you a jar the next time I visit.

Connie said...

Catherine! I have missed seeing you this summer! So sorry to hear about your ankle. And the garden.....yes, it has been a challenging year. But my garden is finally producing food... tomatoes, cukes, beans, zucchini and summer squash. And the flowers are doing great...especially in my new flower bed. The pumpkin I am growing for you has a couple big ones on it and they seem to grow every day. I hope you can come down for a visit sometime soon!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Nice positive attitude about the toms! Poor Catherine, how disappointing!

I love you and your garden.

Margaret said...

Your gardens are an inspiration. I would love to get there before it is too late to see some kind of a harvest. I also have lots of green tomatoes. My neighbor just offered some of her red ones. Oh her fresh simple salsa was oh so good. I want to discuss dates with David tonight for September. :-) I am ready to come now but have to get the kids into school. I miss you.