Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More for Kelly..."The Kids"

These are the siblings Marcus calls "The Kids".
Marcus, being just 4 now, doesn't have the same needs or interests as 'the kids',
so they are grouped together watching videos, listening to mp3 players and such
while Marcus sits near Mama and plays with a small toy in the car. When they arrive at their destination "the kids" take turns being with and playing with Marcus, but they are really good at playing among themselves while Marcus is good at entertaining himself.Alana is drinnking tea with Grammy, Mama, and Auntie while playing a game of Rummy-O.

Alana's "Keep Away" project came together very well.
And this is Alana's friend from several years ago when she first began coming
to Grammy Camp.
They just 'happened' to meet at the playground when we all converged there.

Brianna, celebrating her 10th birthday.

Brianna watching the first of the 3 daily parades. Marcus was trying to be funny.
He sure is!

Here is Brianna's colorful "Keep Away" project.

Trenton, below, was busy climbing trees while he waited
for the first of the 3 daily parades to commence.

Here is Trenton with Marcus.
They were helping make the whipped cream for the Strawberry Shortcake dessert
that Marcus and Brianna chose for their birthday dinners.

And Trenton's "Keep Away project is embellished on the frame with acorns.

Cheyanne is interested in climbing trees too!

Cheyanne is very talented gymnastically!

And, below, Cheyanne's "Keep Away" project is equally as colorful as the rest!

I will focus on Marcus next, Kelly.
He is SO photogenic, and it is hard to stop taking pictures of him because he doesn't usually pose.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Trenton and Marcus looked the most changed. My they are growing up!

Thank you for sharing!

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