Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Margy's Quilt...and more!

This is my sister Margy's Spiders'-Web and Stars paper-piecing quilt which is to be hung at her favorite quilt store. I'm so proud of her; I could just bust my buttons! She's been quilting for only a year, and is SO talented.
While I was visiting in the west of Oregon and Washington Margy and I trekked to McMinnville for some shopping at a store called Boersma's, a HUGE store on one street for quilters and another across the street for knitters.
This jungly quilt on display caught my eye with its engaging colors and style.

I spent my time chosing sock yarn which Isabella wanted to fondle and count and hold. She has ordered up a pair of purple socks for herself. They would match these pajamas, of course.


Displayed in the comfortable loft were these knitted treasures I couldn't help but photograph for future ideas when I max out on socks.

The three women in the store were immeasurably helpful and encouraging, pointing out the best books, showing me new techniques, and laughing with me about my knitting foibles.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Those pillows are amazing, and Margy's quilt is eye-catching and unique. Great job, Margy!

Connie said...

Wow, spider web quilt is amazing! I have done paper piecing, so I know how much time and effort went into it.
Looks like you will be into knitting for awhile with all your yarn selections. I say start with cute Isabella's purple socks.
It's too cold and wet to garden, anyway. :-(

Cat said...

Yes, Connie, you are correct: cold, wet...and snowing AGAIN! I believe I'll plant a Mitten Tree right after I knit a pair!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That quilt is incredible! I can't believe she's only been quilting for a year.

Margy said...

oh goodness.....such nice comments on my quilt, even with all its flaws. such fun I had making it, and even more fun having my sister visit me for a delightful shopping trip!

Rachel said...

Good Job, Margy!! That is an incredible quilt! Thanks, Catherine, for sharing with us!