Thursday, November 27, 2008

Best Girls Visit!

I have moved away from my "Best Girls", and they honored me with a visit recently. I want to thank their husbands publicly because they, David and Steve, encouraged them to leave, drive the six hours to spend four days with me while they stayed at home with the children! Margaret, on the left has two children (Liam, 10 and Riley almost 7); Stacie, on the right has five children (Josh, 10, Marcus, 8, Jessica, 5 who stayed with Stacie's twin sister, Andrew, almost 4, and Jacob, almost 2). She is due in April with her sixth, and we are praying for a girl to accompany Jessica through life.

We prayed, laughed and cried, toured our ranch and the nearby countryside, studied the Bible and discussed our character flaws in order to improve our ministries. The "Idaho Retreat" was a true blessing for all of us. I feel completley filled up and nurished by the fellowship of saintly women!

My husband let us ignore him as long as we fed him well and made conversation at meals. Personally I thought perhaps he'd used up all his words for the rest of the year, but he is still speaking to me! Here he provided a little humor and entertainment with his moss/lichen mustache. What a character he is, silly man!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You honor me, Catherine! Thank you for being such a wonderful hostess and friend.

Jay looks so cute in that picture. It shows a side of him that you don't see often. Enjoy him, Catherine, he is a true gift from God.

Connie said...

Sounds like a wonderful time, and spiritually profitable, as well.
Your friends make you look so...ummm, small. :-)

Margaret said...


We were all truly blessing with a great retreat. Let's do it again next year. Thank you for all of the special touches you added to make us feel so welcome. It was great to meet more of those important to you. Thank Jay for sharing you with us again. Special blessings for both of you.