Friday, October 17, 2008

More Gardening Options

My "Squash Baskets" were built out of 'sheep fencing' which is wire fencing with 2" X 3" holes and 4 feet tall. I had used it for compost piles cutting it to 12' lengths, pulling it into a circle and fastening it to hold garden/kitchen refuse, leaves and rabbit doo. When the compost was finished I cut them in half (so they are only 2' tall) and placed them in the yard between trees so they'd get some shade, but not too much.

I filled them with the finished compost, adding more so they'd be full and planted squash seeds. We don't water our lawn, so by July when the lawn doesn't get mown, the squash can run all around the yard as much as it wants. Watering can be tricky, but a 3-gallon bucket with holes in the bottom and filled once a week usually works just fine.

I also have the "Porch Option". Last year my gardening friend, Rachel, helped me hang bird netting from the porch roof down to the containers. I'd planted Scarlet Runner beans and Climbing Canary Nasturtiums. The colors were stunning, although not apparent in the picture. The containers shaded the porch too much; I won't do it again.


Cat said...

Isn't it maddening when you publish something, and it doesn't come out like the preview AT ALL? Like the words printed down the right side of the squash basket pics? Curious! And I'm not deleting it to make a change.

Aminta said...

Giggle, well I ENJOYED it! You know, you had this amazing garden all summer and I did not even see it. So strange what you take for granted in life when it is right there, huh?
I LOVE the colors of our house, they are so warm, I was hoping to make those who saw the porch feel warmed and invited.....well, those who WERE invited! :) You know what I one strange welcome.
Thank you for the comment! Would love to have you anytime!